Universal Patient Rights Association

“Patients’ rights are rights of all of us! “Patients’ Voice” Project presents us with an opportunity for our voices to become an effective means of change within the health care system.  The necessity of a strong cooperation and a powerful dialogue between the stakeholders in our country to facilitate the understanding of the patients' rights, demanding of the rights, the reasoning of the health law, the development of the application of these rights within the health administration are all included within the report prepared at the Workshop organised by the Health administration in Turkish Cypriot community. We invite all stakeholders to cooperate and collaborate in order to create the necessary change in this direction.”

Emete Imge

Universal Patient Rights Association President


Active Citizenship Network (ACN)

“Active Citizenship Network (ACN) in partnership with civic societies and patient organizations are committed to strengthening the protection of patients’ rights in the European framework. At the same time, ACN strongly believes that empowered patients and their organisations are cost effective resources and not a financial burden and for this reason we have well accepted to cooperate with the Universal Patients’ Rights Association in the framework of the EU Patients’ Voice Project” in Turkish Cypriot community.

Mariano Votta

Director of Active Citizenship Network (ACN),

A Network of European Civic Organizations