Developing an optimum level of quality patient care and  creation of a safe patient care environment for the Turkish Cypriot community  within the scope of Universal Patient Rights and international quality standards.



The mission of UPRA is underpinned by the fundemantal principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the “14 Patient Rights”, agreed within The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, and states that everyone within the Turkish Cypriot Community deserve the;

i)right to have access and receive the health care worthy of human dignity from the health institutions and health sector service providers;

ii)be able to take advantage and benefit from  the ” Patients’ Rights”;

iii)be able to seek protection and remedy against human rights violations and patients’ rights violations;

iv)Have access to the necessary effective legal protection and remedies as and when necessary;

v)Be involved in the planning of patient rights policies and practices, their evaluation , implementation and supervision, equal health services, ensuring high quality and effective presentation.



Recognize patients’ rights and encourage the use of patient rights within society which are determined under European Charter of Patients’ Rights,

Support patients and their relatives in the case of violation of their rights,

Inform and raise awareness within society,

Involve in policy making and implementation of the health policies,

Organize advocacy and awareness raising campaigns,

Ensure cooperation and solidarity with the public, private and civil sector,

Decrease the violation in patients’ rights in the northern part of Cyprus.